Croissants de France Celebrating 29 years in Key West - 1984 – 2013.

About Us
"A true gourmet chooses wisely, insists that food be prepared lovingly and carefully, eats with understanding and interest and rejoices over every good dish." Golden words from the great gastronome Brillat-Savarin.

He was also convinced that a true gourmet lives longer – reason enough for us to follow in the footsteps of this famous Chef and to use the following pages to present modern-day gourmets with a number of culinary delicacies, all made from scratch in our kitchens.

Croissants de France is an institution in Key West. For years, locals and visitors have made it a part of their schedule to dine at least once a week at our Restaurant and buy delicious pastries and cakes in our Shop.

Summer Hours: 8am-3pm weekdays, 8am-4pm weekends

Croissants de France Team
The Bakery Shop
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Open 7:30am - 10pm

Special Orders & Catering
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